Feel On-Screen Weather Effects with 4D Environmental Simulator Vortx

Feel On-Screen Weather Effects with 4D Environmental Simulator Vortx

Whirlwind FX's 4D environmental simulator is a big step in gaming immersion by allowing consumers to physically experience what they feel what they see onscreen.

On October 10, Whirlwind FX  launched a crowdfunding campaign for their upcoming hardware device designed to allow players to feel in-game weather called the Vortx. Yeah, you read that right — a PC peripheral that will enable you to experience onscreen effects physically.

The Vortx is an ambitious gaming accessory that provides an immersive experience for consumers watching videos, playing video games or enjoying a VR title. The company also confirmed that the Vortx’s software engine utilizes adaptive algorithms to analyze scenes in real-time then translates on-screen effects into real-world sensations you can feel such as wind, fire, and ice.

From the comfort of your own home, the Vortx allows players to take their gaming experience to the next level by recreating any virtual environment. By reading and analyzing in-game audio and video data as you play, which allows the device to accurately produce physical effects allowing you to feel what you see and hear.

On top of that, the product also connects to your TV and works with any video platform, like HBO Go and YouTube, allowing you to feel the action from your favorite movies and TV shows as if you are there.

Of course, this isn’t the only peripheral attempting to bring in-game effects physically for immersion. ZephVR was recently successfully funded, allowing VR users to feel in-game wind using a similar algorithm.

The device’s Kickstarter goal has made $29,956 of its $60,000 budget from 202 backers, and the campaign is set to end on Wednesday, November 29. Those interested in backing the campaign numerous backer tiers, including the “Super Early Bird Special,” for $99 and includes one Vortx unit, as well as some other cool perks.