5 Berserk References Hidetaka Miyazaki Included in the Elden Ring Trailer You Should Check ASAP

Elden Ring is pretty much a Berserk video game

Elden Ring finally got its gameplay reveal trailer, and it actually included several references to legendary manga Berserk by the late Kentaro Miura. Here are the five biggest references in the trailer you need to see as soon as possible.

Just like King’s Field, Demon Souls, Dark Souls, and Bloodborne before it, Elden Ring by FromSoftware and Hidetaka Miyazaki is distinctly inspired by Berserk, as reflected in its character and monster design, world building, and aesthetics.

Note that this article contains spoilers for Berserk.

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Berserk references in Elden Ring – The World Tree

Needless to say, Berserk did not invent the concept of a world tree/ Yggdrasil. However, the gargantuan tree towering over the world of Elden Ring greatly resembles the World Spiral Tree of Berserk, appearing over the world after Fantasia happens, merging the real world and the Astral realm.

Black swordsman in Elden Ring – Guts swallowed by the Berserker armor

The gameplay trailer for Elden Ring included a swordsman clad in black armor and a cape, crouched with his sword over his shoulder. Most importantly, the man has a wolf head, and is howling. This is strikingly similar to several manga panels in Berserk, with Guts swallowed by the Berserker armor and holding his Dragon Slayer above his shoulder.

The Berserker armor also howls when it takes over Guts’ personality and reason. The armor is also personified with the image of a dog or wolf.

Note how the armor’s design – the way the joints parts are structured especially – is strikingly similar to the Berserker armor.

Mysterious knight’s helmet, Farnese’s armor in Berserk

This one was already spotted over a year ago on Reddit with the first reveal of Elden Ring. The knight with red hair, iconic character of the Elden Ring key visual, appears again in the new trailer. The knight’s helmet is very similar to the one Farnese used before changing her ways and joining Guts’ party.

Helmet character – Skull Knight in Berserk

One character in the trailer has a helmet similar to Skull Knight’s with a very similar design. Now, that one might be a bit of a stretch, but Skull Knight is one of the most charismatic and enigmatic characters of Berserk.

Seeing the Elden Ring gameplay trailer revealed a werewolf knight modeled after Guts in berserker form, it’s very likely characters modeled after either Skull Knight, Griffith, Casca, Zodd, or other iconic Berserk character will appear in the game.

Elden Ring‘s overall atmosphere

Really now, Elden Ring is pretty much a new game adaptation of Berserk. Like its Soulsborne predecessors, the game most notably seems to feature several areas similar-looking to the Qliphoth of Berserk, the Astral layer where trolls and ogres reside.

Started in 1989, the manga Berserk trail-blazed pretty much everything dark fantasy in Japan, and Elden Ring is far from being the sole work inspired by it. Berserk in itself was also inspired by several manga, most notably Versailles no Bara by Riyoko Ikeda, whose iconic character Oscar de Jarjayes heavily influenced Kentaro Miura for Griffith. You should definitely give the anime adaptation a watch if you never did.

Elden Ring is launching on January 21 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. What did you think of the trailer, did you notice Berserk‘s influence, do you wanna know more about The Rose of Versailles? Hit me up on Twitter @A_iyane07.

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