5 Features We Want To See In Minecraft 1.19 Update

Minecraft's 'The Wild Update' arrives in 2022!

December 4, 2021

Caves and Cliffs Part II has finally arrived and Minecraft’s biggest update yet hasn’t disappointed us, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take a look into the future at the next 1.19 update!

During Minecraft Live 2021, the 1.19 update was officially revealed as ‘The Wild Update’. According to Agnes Larsson, the Game Director at Minecraft, the 1.19 update means two things. The first is a focus on nature, whilst the second is aimed at challenges and adventures.

That opens up an endless amount of possibilities for the next major Minecraft update, and although we’ve already had a peek at what’s to come, there’s still a long way off until the update actually arrives.

So, whilst we wait for ‘The Wild Update’, here are five changes we want to see included or expanded upon – in no particular order.

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Minecraft | Caves & Cliffs Update: Part II Official Trailer

Minecraft | Caves & Cliffs Update: Part II Official Trailer

1. More Tree Types

With 1.19 having a strong focus on nature, now is the perfect time for a complete overhaul to the tree types. Many of the different trees in Minecraft are incredibly basic and boring, although the dark oak tree and jungle tree were included to spice things up a bit, we still feel that much more can be done.

Why not add different thicknesses in logs? or branches coming off of the trees? These are both things that have been achieved in mods, so it’s definitely a possibility. Whilst we’re at it, let’s add trees that can actually grow and change as time goes on! The possibilities are truly endless.

2. New, Larger Biomes

One feature that will most certainly be arriving in The Wild Update is updated/new biomes. Mojang has confirmed that Mangrove Swamps will be one of the new biomes arriving in 1.19.

I’m not sure about you, but I often completely avoid swamp biomes when I search for somewhere to build a home. They look incredibly bland and lack any sort of character, so it will be fun to finally have a more atmospheric swamp filled with frogs and fireflies to get your creative juices flowing.

3. More Structures and Dungeons

Another feature arriving in 1.19 that we’ve all been waiting for is the Deep Dark Dungeons and Warden Mob.

Although many players enjoy the building and creativity aspect of Minecraft, others enjoy challenges, discovery, and adventures. At the moment, there just aren’t enough structures and dungeons to discover. So we really hope that the Dark Dungeons adds plenty of challenges and rewards for conquering the Warden.

But it would also be a nice touch to add some more structures on the surface, maybe a new Witch Hut in the Mangrove Swamp that is a little more challenging but holds greater rewards.

4. New Weather and Seasons

Another way to bump up the atmosphere in Minecraft, along with more dense, larger biomes, is to include new weather types or a possible seasons system.

Instead of snow biomes, why not make a winter season where the whole map is covered in snow, regardless of biome type. The autumn season could include denser clouds with a sunset hue over the world as leaves fall off of the trees around you.

We don’t imagine this one happening anytime soon, as it could change up the core gameplay of Minecraft, but it’s a nice thought.

5. New Blocks

Finally, another feature that is certain with almost every update, new blocks! As mentioned previously, some Minecraft fans are all about building and creativity, and new types of blocks always help to spruce up your build.

We do know that there are multiple new blocks coming in the 1.19 update, such as Mud Blocks and Mangrove Wood, but we really hope that we get plenty more. As ‘The Wild Update’ has a core focus on nature, we’d love to get even more flowers and nature-themed blocks to add to our builds.

Let us know in the comments below, what features do you want to see added in the Minecraft 1.19 update?

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