5 Most Powerful Women In Anime

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May 13, 2022

If you underestimated the power of female anime characters, then you were wrong. Most of them are strong enough to take down even the greatest male characters. So here’s the list of the most powerful women in anime.

Whenever someone says, “most powerful anime characters”, almost every name that appears in our mind is of a male personality. But the anime world is a lot more than Goku, Saitama, Luffy, or Naruto. In fact, no one ever talks about the extremely powerful females of anime who are equally potent as the strongest male characters. In fact, some of these females might be too strong to take down even by these so-called strongest characters of anime. So this list is dedicated to all those women who multiplied our joy of watching an anime with their unique superpowers and extreme fights.

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Most Powerful Women In Anime

1. Tatsumaki: One Punch Man

Also known as the Tornado of Terror, Tatsumaki is one of the strongest characters of One Punch Man. But she can easily make her name as one of the most powerful female characters in the entire anime world. Tatsumaki is an S-Class: Rank 2 hero. After a small argument between Tatsumaki and Genos, she slams him onto a giant rock in an instant without even touching him. From telepathy to immense speed and reflexes, Tatsumaki is too strong for most One Punch Man characters. According to the manga illustrator, Yusuke Murata, she can lift the entire Z-City with her powers. Lifting meteor-sized rocks, creating barriers for defense, and defeating giant monsters like Hundred-Eyes Octopus, Tatsumaki is nearly undefeatable.

2. Neferpitou: Hunter X Hunter

Neferpitou is a Chimera Ant with an aura so strong that even the greatest nen users, Hisoka and Illumi together can not produce an aura comparable to her. When in her hostile nature, Neferpitou’s bloodlust becomes so strong that it can be sensed from far away and no one would dare to come close to her. In the manga, Neferpitou is referred to as a guy, but the anime of Hunter X Hunter adapted her as a female. Kite is shown to be a powerful hunter, hard to deal with, but Neferpitou is able to chop his head off in a single blow. Even after taking a deadly blow from Meruem, she only receives a few bruises. Netero, the strongest character of the show was doubtful at a point if Neferpitou was stronger than him.

3. Big Mom: One Piece

Her evil looks speak for her power. Big Mom’s real name is Charlotte Linlin, and literally, every One Piece character keeps their distance from Big Mom, given her immense powers. She’s the queen of the Totto Land and her crew members mostly consist of her family. She has 43 husbands, 39 daughters, and 46 sons. Those who marry her children become a member of the crew as well. Soru Soru no Mi fruit gave her the power to include living and non-living things into her army of “Homies”. She has a unique ability to take a part of anyone’s lifespan or their full life in an instant. But this ability will only work if a person fears her or if they can hear her.

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4. Erza Scarlet: Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail is an anime full of powerful characters, out of which Erza is probably the strongest female character. Erza is an S-Class Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild, serving under the team Natsu. Given her cute looks, it’s hard to say if she is powerful at all, but she is completely opposite of what she looks like. Erza is the greatest swordsman specializing in using almost all kinds of weapons. She owns a total of 100 armors and 200 types of weapons. Her magical powers could terrify even the greatest demons. When in her Yokai form, Erza’s powers multiply and her lower body turns into a giant spider.

5. Kaguya Otsutsuki: Naruto

This list would remain incomplete if Kaguya Otsutsuki wasn’t a part of it. Not just in the list of most powerful women, but she can make it in the list of strongest anime characters overall. Even if someone is not a Naruto fan, they can tell by looking at her that she is something one should never mess with. After eating the fruit of the God Tree, she becomes the first person to wield Chakra on Earth. As a consequence, she can absorb any Jutsu she wants to. What makes Kaguya the strongest woman is that she is immortal. So, even if someone severely her limbs, she can regenerate them. From her Tailed-Beast transformation to Byakugan, if we start to note down all of her capabilities, it might take a while.

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