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5 Pokemon Still Missing From Pokemon GO

These Pokemon need to be added to the game ASAP!

December 28, 2021

Pokemon GO has now been out around five and a half years and has continually added new Pokemon for you to catch, but there are still a number of Pokemon that are missing in the game.

This list could be really long, as there are a lot of Pokemon still missing. This is because all of the original Pokemon from Sun and Moon are still waiting to be added along with many others. There are also the many missing Mega Evolutions as well, but we are not including those for now.

For this list, we narrowed it down to five of the top Pokemon that are still currently missing in Pokemon GO.

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Pokémon GO | Season of Heritage

Pokémon GO | Season of Heritage

Rotom Besides Wash Form

Source: Pokemon.com

This is the most unique entry on the list, as it’s a Pokemon that has a number of different forms. Rotom in total has six different forms that all have different types, with the Electric/Water type Wash Rotom being the only one available in the game so far.

That means that are still five versions of Rotom to be added to the game, including the basic Electric/Ghost Rotom, the Electric/Fire Heat Rotom, the Electric/Ice Frost Rotom, the Electric/Flying Fan Rotom, and the Electric/Grass Mow Rotom.

It’s really odd that Niantic hasn’t added another form since Wash Rotom was added to the game back during Pokemon GO Fest 2020. With the interesting typings, we are hoping to see the rest of the forms added into the game in the near future.


Source: Pokemon.com

Who doesn’t like dinosaurs? Now combine them with Pokemon and you’ve got a winning solution. There are plenty of dinosaur-based fossil Pokemon going back to Aerodactyl, but one of them that is missing is Tyrunt and its evolution Tyrantrum.

The Rock/Dragon types Tyrunt and Tyrantrum are reminiscent of the Tyrannosaurus Rex, so there is no surprise that they have been some fan favorites from the Kalos region since their debut in Pokemon X and Y.

We have seen the trickle of Gen VI Pokemon since they first debuted a little over a year ago, including most recently Bergmite and Avalugg, but there are still a number of them that haven’t been added to the game and Tyrunt and Tyrantrum are definitely two we hope to see soon.


Source: Pokemon.com

This may be a bit of a personal pick due to it being one of my favorites to use, but Hawlucha is one of the other Gen VI Pokemon that have yet to be added to the game.

This Fighting/Flying type Pokemon is very much based on the luchador style of wrestling that its name would indicate. Not only was Hawlucha a lot of fun to use in the games, but it also was a big part of Ash’s team in one of the best sets of seasons we’ve had in the anime.

Other than Galarian Moltres that was introduced in the Sword and Shield DLC last year, Hawlucha is the only Pokemon of its unique typing in the series and would be the first to be added to Pokemon GO.


Source: Pokemon.com

Now, this is definitely the most unique Pokemon on the list, because we are still incredibly confused on why it hasn’t been added to the game up already.

The Normal type Kecleon is a Gen III Pokemon that was actually one of the very first of the third generation Pokemon to be revealed back in the day ahead of Ruby and Sapphire. However, it still remains the only Gen III Pokemon to not be added to Pokemon GO up to this point.

This wouldn’t have been so strange if not for the fact that it’s just a run-of-the-mill Pokemon, while the only Gen IV Pokemon left to be added to the game are Mythical or the remaining Rotom forms. It really makes no sense why Kecleon hasn’t been added, so hopefully we’ll see it finally added early in 2022.


Source: Pokemon.com

We felt like we had to include Arceus on the list for sure considering it’s the focus of the upcoming Pokemon Legends: Arceus that is releasing on Nintendo Switch next month.

The Normal type Arceus was first introduced back in the Sinnoh region with the original release of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, which was once again at the forefront with the recent remakes coming out as well.

Dialga and Palkia were both added into Pokemon GO a while ago now and have been brought back a few times as well, meaning it’s very much time for Arceus to make its grand debut. With the release of Pokemon Legends: Arceus next month, it is very likely that will be happening sooner rather than later due to how they usually tie events into their game releases.

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