5 Predictions for Capcom's Countdown Ending on February 21


Rival Schools fans, don't get your hopes up

February 14, 2022

On February 14, 2022, Capcom launched a countdown page teasing a reveal for February 21, here are our best predictions for what could be revealed.

I’ve narrowed down below five different game projects that could be announced by Capcom once the countdown ends. Taking into account Capcom’s current situation, rumors, leaks, and the date when the countdown ends, February 21. However, there are also games that Capcom couldn’t possibly announce as well. So let’s start by ruling out these nearly impossible scenarios.

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Don’t expect Capcom to bring back Darkstalkers or Rival Schools

Capcom is known for fighting games outside of Street Fighter, such as Power Stone, Rival Schools, or Darkstalkers. However, it’s pretty much impossible for Capcom in 2022 to announce a fighting game unlinked to the Street Fighter brand.


With the rise of mobile games these past ten years in Asia and the pandemic killing off most arcades (which were already agonizing), fewer and fewer people in Japan have been playing fighting games. The sole fighting game Capcom has with a worldwide aura big enough that warrants a new release is Street Fighter.

As a side note, don’t expect a new Marvel Vs Capcom either as the latest game was a failure all around. The producer who handled crossovers, Ryota Niitsuma, also left Capcom in 2020. As for fans waiting for a Marvel Vs Capcom 2 port, this is more likely to be announced at an event like E3 or TGS than after a countdown.


5 predictions for Capcom’s countdown ending on February 21

1/ Dragon’s Dogma 2, which is reportedly in development

Dragon’s Dogma 2 is one of the most likely announcements Capcom can make. Firstly, a report from IGN in 2020 confirmed the sequel is in development. Secondly, the game was listed for a 2022 fiscal year release in Capcom’s leaked data.

Dragon’s Dogma was one of the rare new IPs Capcom launched these past ten years, and it sold over a million copies. A sequel would be a logical choice.

2/ A Dino Crisis reboot to action TPS

The Resident Evil series right now went back to its horror roots, and with a new twist since 7, introducing first-person view gameplay. Rebooting the Dino Crisis series, which was initially using the same gameplay as early Resident Evil games, into a third-person view action game, could fill in the void left by Resident Evil 4 to 6.

A new action TPS game like this would be a great way for Capcom to appeal to an even bigger and mainstream audience, such as those who might believe games like Monster Hunter are too hardcore and time-consuming.

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3/ Devil May Cry VI could bring in a new formula

This is yet another game Capcom could announce, but with a new twist when compared to Devil May Cry V.

One of the key developers of the combat in Devil May Cry V and Dragon’s Dogma was Ryota Suzuki, who left Capcom for Square Enix and is now working on Final Fantasy XVI. it’s undeniable the next Devil May Cry will be very different from DMC V, and this might be the right time to reveal it.

4/ Resident Evil 4 Remake could finally be revealed

Resident Evil 4 Remake was already leaked, and it’s a given Capcom is making it (or a Code Veronica Remake) seeing the major successes of Resident Evil 2 and 3‘s remakes. Resident Evil 4, initially released on Nintendo Gamecube, revolutionized the series and video games in general with its over-the-shoulder third-person view.

It’ll be interesting to see if the remake manages to surpass the original. Resident Evil 4 is a staple of speedrun events like GDQ, and its gameplay still feels so nice I honestly doubt the utility of a remake. Besides updating its graphics for those who can’t stand older games without 4K or 120 FPS.


5/ Street Fighter VI, the most logical choice

As I explained earlier, Street Fighter VI is the only choice Capcom has when it comes to releasing a new fighting game. This is the sole option on the table. Many fans also believe Street Fighter VI should have been announced and revealed since 2020 at the earliest but was delayed with the pandemic.

Additionally, the end of the countdown, February 21, coincides with the end of the current Street Fighter Capcom Pro Tour. Hence why many believe Street Fighter VI is the big announcement teased by Capcom.

What are your thoughts on my predictions and what do you think Capcom has in store for February 21? Tell me in the comments below! The Capcom countdown will end on February 20 10:00 PM PT / February 21 01:00 AM ET / 06:00 AM GMT.

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