5 Ways to Get Games Cheaper (And Still be Legal!)

In this day and age, spending money frivolously is only for a few, while learning how to save is quickly becoming a must for many. I had never saved much, but I always knew how to be frugal, or a cheap bastard, if ya wanna be a dick about it. In order to save money, I typically deal in used games and I only buy brand new titles if I am a huge fan of the series or it’s going to be a great game. I try to limit myself to 1 game every few months, so I can save some money for used games. But in order to limit myself and buy used games, I’ve had to work on one thing, patience. If you don’t have any patience, you can just keep on buying brand new games, but if you think you can wait it out for a few weeks or *gulps* months, keep reading.

5) Sales – At least once a year, Toys “R” Us has a really good deal on all videogames. That deal is buy two, get one free. The obvious way to maximize this is to buy all three new releases, which typically is an average savings of 20 dollars a game. So keep your ear to the ground and keep your eye on the ads.

4) Internet – As always, the internet is a very viable option to get games for much cheaper than you could normally at a store. There are HUNDREDS of sites to go to in order to get games cheaply, and I’ll mention a few of my favorites:

  • Amazon is a nice option as they usually will match other competitors prices and offer free shipping on anything over 25 dollars, they also have a used section that you can save even more money with.
  • Ebay is a great resource if you know how to work the system, if not, here are some quick tips;  Search frequently and check all the listings for a buy it now price. If you have to wait it out, resist the temptation to get into a bidding war with someone and raise the price, wait until the last second and place your bid. Also, if you’re a night owl, wait for something that will end in the middle of the night as they typically sell for less just due to fewer bidders at the end trying to snipe.
  • Forums exist for people to share a common bond, be it a certain type of car, a brand of camera, or jewelery. On most forums there is a section where users can go and sell some of their old belongings or stuff they need to get rid of, scour these sections for people getting rid of systems and games. Heck, I picked up a used Xbox for free plus shipping, I sold the games that came with it and actually made money.
  • Lastly, a place not many people think to go is Newegg. They offer free shipping and always have great sales going on, I’ve picked up games that were selling for 40 to 50 dollars in stores for 20 dollars at Newegg.

3) Local Alternatives – Yes, we all know about GameStop, but there are others like them. Two local alternatives to me are McVan’s Video Games and Disc Replay. While both places aren’t as nicely stocked as GameStop, they usually crush Gamestop prices. I picked up Assassin’s Creed 2 a week after it released for 36 dollars at Disc Replay, Gamestop was selling it used for $54.99. So check around your town to see if you can’t snag yourself a new place to shop for games.

2) Pawn Shops – Albeit, some of these places are notoriously sketchy, people sell games here. Be forewarned, check the condition of the games and if you’re anal, the cases. Many pawn shops offer great customer service in the form of “No returns, EVER.” So double check everything about the potential game you’re getting. Pawn shops also offer a benefit, you can try to haggle. Some places are okay with it, others do not appreciate it, so use your own discretion on haggling.

5) Friends – I hope many of our readers have friends. Some of my friends are gamers too, and unlike me, they trade their games in all the time. You can set up a mutually beneficial business relationship between yourselves if you aren’t too greedy. It’s simple, offer more cash than Gamestop would give them credit for and you’ll both be happy. They’ll get more money for their used game, and you’ll save money by paying less than Gamestop would charge for the same used game.

What way do you guys get games on the cheap? Let us know in the comments section!

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