Minecraft Creator Talks About Being Open, DLC

Markus ‘Notch’ Persson is the creator behind the wildly famous Minecraft who made headlines in September when he announced that he was making $350,000 a day on the game despite the fact that it’s still in an Alpha build and only about 30% of it’s users are actually buying the game. Markus says he doesn’t regret sharing this information.

“It feels a bit sometimes like it’s a bragging page. That wasn’t the intention, because originally it was for the people who had brought the game could see like a number increase on a webpage or something. I think it’s a good sign, if you’re actually open with your development and you’re also open about the sales, it feels like you’re genuine in some sense.”

Persson says he has considered DLC to increase revenue, but is worried about ripping players off.

“I know I enjoyed some DLC before, when it feels like it’s an expansion to the game which wasn’t just there. Like when I was playing Mega Man 9, and I have bought content that I have already downloaded, that felt a bit weird. But the Fallout 3 expansions, I enjoyed those. If you do it right, you can do it in a good way, I think.”

Check out the full interview at gamesindustry.biz for more of Markus’ thoughts on the industry as a whole right now and his future plans for his business and Minecraft. How would you feel about seeing some DLC for Minecraft once it actually gets to a full proper release? Kind of hard to believe this is a game that isn’t even in Beta yet.

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