Wacky Space Roguelite Survival Game 60 Parsecs! Announced by Robot Gentlemen; Coming in 2018

60 Seconds! developer Robot Gentlemen has revealed its new game.

Robot Gentlemen, the developers behind the comedic PC game 60 Seconds!, have announced a brand new title called 60 Parsecs! today. The game, which is a spiritual successor/sequel of sorts to 60 Seconds!, challenges players to scavenge as much as they can within 60 seconds before they are blasted off into space where they must attempt to survive on what rations they have.

The developers describe 60 Parsecs! as a “non-linear, narrative driven adventure,” that is inspired by sci-fi and Space Race propaganda from the 1950’s and 60’s. There are a variety of different objects players must survive off of, the most notable ones from the initial trailer and screenshots being cans of soup and sock puppets, though there are a variety of different things players can pick up within those crucial 60 seconds.

The game is set to have a procedurally generated and darkly comedic story, as well will contain hundreds of story-based events with its four main, wacky characters. The developers are also planning on splicing in some roguelite elements, so play sessions are short, but quite memorable.

DualShockers will be checking out 60 Parsecs! at the Poznan Game Arena this weekend, so you can expect to hear our initial thoughts about the title soon. Meanwhile, you can watch the reveal trailer for the game below.

60! Parsecs is set to release on PC and “major consoles” sometime in 2018.

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