60 Seconds! Surpasses 1 Million Copies Sold as Developer Robot Gentleman Details Future Plans

60 Seconds! Surpasses 1 Million Copies Sold as Developer Robot Gentleman Details Future Plans

Developer Robot Gentleman revealed today that 60 Seconds! has sold over 1 Million copies, and released new screenshots for 60 Parsecs!.

Polish indie developer Robot Gentleman revealed today that its breakout indie hit 60! Seconds, which released back in 2015, has surpassed 1 million copies sold, and impressive feat for any indie game. To celebrate, Robot Gentleman detailed its future plans for both new 60 Seconds! content and its upcoming spiritual successor 60 Parsecs!.

Later this year, the developer plans on releasing the feline-centric CATomic DLC on Nintendo Switch and the Rocket Science DLC on iOS and Android. Both of these DLC packs previously released on PC, which will also be getting brand new DLC later in 2018 centered around the character of Deloris.

In 2019, Robot Gentleman plans on bringing 60 Seconds! to additional platforms. While no new platforms were specified at this time, the game has not come to PS4 or Xbox One yet. Additionally, Steam Workshop support will be implemented next year, and will allow players to create and share their own endings, characters, items, visuals, custom events, and music for 60 Seconds!. 

On top of all this new information, Robot Gentleman also unveiled new screenshots for 60 Parsecs!, the studio’s sci-fi successor to 60 Seconds!, which they revealed last year. These screenshots show off the game’s scavenging mode, which will function somewhat like Don’t Starve, for the first time. If you want to learn more about the game, you can check out both DualShockers’ preview from last year and our interview with 60 Parsecs! Art Director and Game Designer. 

You can check out the new 60 Parsecs! screenshots below; Robot Gentleman is planning on revealing when it will launch “soon”. 60 Seconds! is currently available on PC, iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch, and will come to new platforms in the future.