7 Custom PS5’s You’ve Got to See

7 Custom PS5’s You’ve Got to See

These custom PS5's keep getting better and better, here's a list of some favorites.

Ever since the Playstation 5 was revealed back in July, there have been many conversations surrounding the actual look of the system. Following the reveal, memes circulated the internet comparing the console to Wi-Fi routers, popped collars, and the Eye of Sauron. Now that it’s here, the removable outer plates on the PS5 that were once ridiculed have prompted many people to customize the look of their consoles to great effect. Here are some of our favorite custom PS5’s found on Reddit:

Hydro dipped my ps5. Turned out okay from gaming

Reddit user u/Slickbrick123 posted this hydro-dipped masterpiece and, honestly, I can’t take my eyes off it. The combination of orange and blue give it a truly unique look that I’m sure many people will want to emulate.

I finished painting my PS5 today! from PS5

This black/purple PS5 posted by u/ThePfhor has a reflective quality to it that’s enchanting. It stands out amongst the sea of matte colors and almost has me convinced it’s a mirror glazed cake.

With great next gen consoles, come great responsibilities! from PS5

These next few superhero-based PS5’s are pretty sweet, but this one posted by u/akarshbansal11 looks like an officially licensed Spider-Man PS5. The color perfectly matches the case for Insomniac’s Spider-Man from 2018 and the logo is perfectly printed–it looks like the PS5 version of the Spider-Man PS4.

My Custom Batman PS5 from PS5

While this custom-made Batman PS5 looks similar to the Spider-man one, u/bh16877 gets extra-credit for having the insides of the plates be a different color than the outsides. It looks awesome and will make for some great pictures when Gotham Knights finally releases.

I did a custom Spider-man PS5, couldn’t decide between Miles and Peter so went with both from PS5

Last but not least in the genre of superhero PS5’s is this Miles Morales/Peter Parker themed console. User u/Birdmaan73u shows their love for the two Spider-men that have made their way to the PS5 launch lineup.

After some revision I’d like to present to you guys my Gunmetal PS5. from PS5

Plain and simple is the name of the game for many of these custom consoles. U/MobitzT2 makes the most of this idea with their gunmetal colored PS5. It’s just distinct enough to stand out and look great in any entertainment center.

Blaze Orange 🍊 from PS5

Another plain and simple beauty is this bright orange PS5 posted by u/Deadly_Fire_Trap. This thing looks great when being lit by the internal lights of the console and is absolutely unique.

For more custom PS5 news and culture, make sure to check out this article on a PS5 scalper group that claims to have obtained over 1,000 Xbox Series X consoles. If you have a cool custom PS5, make sure to comment below.