8-Bit Armies Limited Edition Packages in Three Different Colors Announced

8-Bit Armies Limited Edition Packages in Three Different Colors Announced

8-Bit Armies to receive three different colored limited edition packages with only 6,000 being created for each platform.

There are very few things that video game collectors love more than a limited edition version of their favourite game. However, fans of the popular RTS 8-Bit Armies are in for an extra treat. What’s better than a single limited edition release? Three limited edition releases!

Announced yesterday, publisher SOEDESCO will be bringing three different variations of the boxed game to shelves for a limited run. The most obvious difference in each of these is the color; they come in a choice of a sharp green, a deep blue, or a no-nonsense black variation. The covers all share the same golden overtone, regardless of which color you’ve chosen. The box-art sports a dilberatly blocky skull which coincides with the game’s art-style along with a border running around the edges, and the game’s title printed in bold lettering. Above the title in smaller font are the words “LIMITED EDITION.”

Those who wish to secure any version of 8-Bit Armies’ limited edition releases for their collection would need to act fast. There will only be 6,000 of these pieces created per platform and they will be released worldwide. However, there hasn’t been a concrete release date or any more detailed about the contents of these boxes as of yet.

Originally released in 2017 8-bit Armies is available now for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch with follow-up titles 8-Bit Hordes and 8-Bit Invaders coming to Xbox One and PS4 soon.You can check out the upcoming limited edition releases in the image below.

8-Bit Armies Limited Edition