8-Bit Hordes and 8-Bit Invaders Launch on PS4 and Xbox One Cross-Title Multiplayer

Soedesco announced today that 8-Bit Hordes and 8-Bit Invaders will be joining 8-Bit Armies on PS4 and Xbox One and will feature cross-title multiplayer.

on August 7, 2018 12:07 PM

Soedesco announced today that Petroglyph Games’ RTS titles 8-Bit Hordes and 8-Bit Invaders will be coming to PS4 and Xbox One. Interestingly, the games will have cross-title multiplayer support with each other and 8-Bit Armies, which is releasing soon on those same platforms next month.

For those of you who aren’t aware, all three of these titles previously released on PC and are RTS titles the work similarly but have different settings. 8-Bit Armies deals with soldiers while 8-Bit Hordes is fantasy themed and 8-Bit Invaders focuses on aliens. The controls for these games have been reworked for console, and should be easy to understand according to the developers.

The most interesting part of this console release is the cross-title multiplayer support. While cross-play between PS4 and Xbox One may not be a thing yet, players can face off against each other with any title from the 8-Bit series. This applies to both maps and units, which should create some odd scenarios, like aliens and orcs fighting in a modern city.

You can check out screenshots of both these titles alongside the console announcement trailer below. 8-Bit Hordes and 8-Bit Invaders are currently in development for PS4 and Xbox One.

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