Eight Million Pleasure Devices with Colorful Glowing Balls Sold

Eight Million Pleasure Devices with Colorful Glowing Balls Sold


Have you been getting enjoyment out of your PlayStation Move controller? If so, what kind of enjoyment? Sony revealed today that some eight million units of its suggestively shaped motion controller had been sold. This means one of two things: consumers around the world have found viable gaming enjoyment in the device or the need for handsomely decorated sex toys has really taken off. I’m guessing it’s the latter.

Sony also boasts that 40% of Killzone 3 players make use of the Sharp Shooter peripheral, which utilizes both the motion and navigation controllers. VP of merchandising for Gamestop Bob McKenzie has expressed that demand for the device is high and that he feels it will only increase as the year moves forward:

“With big franchise titles set for release throughout the year for the PlayStation Move, we expect the remainder of 2011 to be a period of continued sales growth for PlayStation Move.”

I think that the PS Move will continue to perform admirably but obviously, I have my own reasoning. These sales are noticeably less than those for Microsoft’s take on motion controls, the Kinect. A bit strange considering many gamers find more functionality in the Move controllers. Perhaps the more useless and contrived a device is, the better it sells. What’s your opinion?