87-Year-Old Granny Plays Animal Crossing for 4 Years and Logs in 3,580 Hours of Playtime

87-Year-Old Granny Plays Animal Crossing for 4 Years and Logs in 3,580 Hours of Playtime

A hard-core gaming granny clocks in 3,580 hours into Animal Crossing and she's everything we can only dream to be when we get older

Don’t you just love to hear about the older generation playing video games? It truly melts the heart and also allows us to believe that this will be us as we head into the later stages of life when our career isn’t as important anymore – allowing us the luxury to get lost into the gaming world as much as we desire.

I think it shows on my reporting how much I enjoy delving into this kind of news as in November last year I reported on an 82-year-old grandma Skyrim player when she broke the hearts of many when she stated she may not be around to see The Elder Scrolls VI release. This time though, we are jumping into something a bit more light-hearted.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf is extremely addicting for anyone that has played this cute, time-consuming title, but for one 87-year-old granny I think we are safe to say is living her life through it considering the number of hours she put into it on her trusty 3DS. On a tweet via Twitter @phubans shared with the world how much their granny played this title, although they didn’t realize just how much until her 3DS broke and had to be replaced.

Good old granny ( you can see her happily playing away in a picture at the bottom of this article ) has nearly stuck 150 days worth of playtime into the game and that’s not surprising since she has fired it up for some “daily village chores, like hitting rocks, digging up fossils, etc” on a daily basis. Good for her is what I say.

After being asked if granny will get the Animal Crossing for the Switch, @phubans who is also a game designer replied: “Hopefully! I’m trying to sell more copies of my game and save up for that”. We wish them both the best of luck and here’s to many, many more hours of gaming!

If you’re an Animal Crossing fan just like granny, then expect to hear more news when a new Animal Crossing game comes to Switch sometime this year. We will, of course, keep you posted with more information when it’s made available.

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