88 Heroes’ First Free DLC Pack Adds Eight Other Indie Game Characters

88 Heroes’ First Free DLC Pack Adds Eight Other Indie Game Characters

88 Heroes: RSG Champions brings characters from SteamWorld Dig, Brut@l, Zombie Vikings, and more into the mix.

Bitmap Bureau and Rising Star Games an revealed the first free DLC pack for 88 Heroes today, and it brings eight characters from other popular indie games such as Brut@l and SteamWorld Dig into the mix. The pack is available for players to download today on both PC and consoles. It is named 88 Heroes: RSG Champions, as all the characters included come from other Rising Star Games titles.

First is the M@ge from Brut@l, who can fire magical blasts of varying intensity out of his cane. Next is Dex from A Pixel Story, who has the ability to drop his hat and teleport back to it if needed. Rusty from SteamWorld Dig wields his pickaxe and can dig through the scenery in all four directions. Gunborg from Zombie Vikings can use her massive sword to smash walls; her head falls off when she gets hit, but it can still be controlled.

The Conga Masters from Conga Master are immune to enemy attacks, and killed enemies are added to one’s Conga line. Vamp Girl from I Want to be Human has also been added, and has the ability to double jump and use her shotgun to fight enemies. Eyas from The Land of Eyas can reverse gravity and walk on the ceiling. Finally, The Ninja from Ninja Shodown climb on walls and can use its katana blade to kill enemies.

Lee Skittrell, Marketing Manager at Rising Star Games, had the following to say about 88 Heroes: RSG Champions: 

“We work with a fantastically talented and hugely disparate collective of developer partners, on wildly different types of projects. Bringing this selection of our own and our fans’ favorites all together alongside the 88 Heroes cast is a sort of celebration of our developers’ talents and our diverse portfolio, and is the kind of rare opportunity that only an open-minded and left field-thinking business vision, such as ours at Rising Star Games, can bring about”.

You can check out some screenshots showcasing the new DLC characters in action below. 88 Heroes is currently available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.