9 Year Old Murdered Over Tony Hawk Ride

9 Year Old Murdered Over Tony Hawk Ride

It pains me to say that only 2 days into the new year and we already have our first video game related death. It comes at the hands of a 25 year old New York City resident by the name of Alejandro Morales. Morales 25, was charged with the murder of 9 year old Anthony Maldonado. Anthony,  who is from Pallisades Park N.J. was spending the weekend at his uncle’s Harlem apartment. The boy had been excited about receiving a Playstation for Christmas, and had spent the night playing the latest Tony Hawk game with relatives.

amd_anthony_maldonadoAt sometime around 3am, two relatives of the victim made a run to the store for snacks. This is when Police believe an argument over the game may have ensued. At that time it appears that some sort of struggle occurred as the victim had multiple stab wounds and bruises throughout his body. The boy had made it as far as his uncle’s bedroom door, where he had informed him he had been stabbed. He would then collapse in the doorway. Maldonado was rushed to St. Lukes Roosevelt Hospital, where he would succumb to his injuries within the hour.

Morales, the assailant was quickly taken into Police custody, as the cops shut the power to the buildings elevator shaft to search for a murder weapon.

The victim’s grandfather remembered him by saying:

“Anthony was a loving child who loved his PlayStation… He got the PlayStation for Christmas and was very happy. He was so happy.”

It’s a sad day. Not only does this give ammunition to the Jack Thompsons and ignorant politicians of the world, but we also lost a little gamer, and most importantly a defenseless human being. Only a monster can hurt a child. Our condolences go out to the Maldonado family.

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