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Pokemon GO: Is Mewtwo Good? Best Moveset + Shiny Status/Odds

July 16, 2021

Players certainly have their hands full on Pokemon GO Fest Day Two, with a total of 37 different Legendary Pokemon appearing in Five-Star Raids.

One of the Pokemon that is likely to be tackled more than most is none other than Mewtwo, who is appearing prior to the event and during the wind hour.

The Genetic Pokemon has been in the game for a while now so its reappearance has people asking “Is Mewtwo Still Good?”

We take a look at that question, plus whether or not it can be shiny and the moveset you should be using.

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Bidoof Day announcement! – Pokemon Go Trailer

Bidoof Day announcement! – Pokemon Go Trailer

Can It be Shiny in Pokemon GO?

Shiny hunters can rest easy as Mewtwo’s Shiny Form has been available in Pokemon GO since September 2019.

You’ll instantly recognise if you’ve nabbed yourself one as its usual purple colours are no more, instead, Mewtwo turns a sickly shade of green.

If you’re going to be hunting one at GO Fest or before, you should be safe in the knowledge that instead of 1 in 500 odds of encountering one, you’ll be facing a much better 1 in 20.

Is Mewtwo Good in Pokemon GO? What’s Its Best Moveset?

Is water wet? Yes, of course Mewtwo is good in Pokemon GO.

Now, I wouldn’t expect it to work wonders in either the Great or Ultra League but the Master League and PVE is where Mewtwo excels.

According to PVPoke, Mewtwo is the seventh best Pokemon in the whole of the Master League. It beats plenty of the top Pokemon including Dialga, Togekiss and Groudon and is a worthy addition to any team.

Alongside this, Mewtwo’s massive attack stat and attractive movepool make it a monster in PVE. However, its giant movepool also makes it hard to nail down Mewtwo’s best moveset.

In the Ultra League, it’s a little bit easier to work out. You can find its best PVP moveset below (just be prepared to use an Elite Charged TM):

  • Fast Move – Psycho Cut
  • Charge Move – Focus Blast
  • Charge Move – Psystrike*

In PVE, its best moveset depends on which Pokemon you’re likely to face.

You’re probably going to want to stick to Psycho Cut and Psystrike for the Stab Damage, but the third move is subjective:

  • Fast Move – Psycho Cut (or Confusion)
  • Charge Move – Focus Blast/Shadow Ball/Ice Beam/Thunderbolt/Flamethrower
  • Charge Move – Psystrike*

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