Rainbow Six: Siege Achieves Major Milestone of 20 Million Registered Players

Rainbow Six: Siege Achieves Major Milestone of 20 Million Registered Players

Ubisoft has revealed that 20 million players have taken part in Rainbow Six: Siege since release.

Ubisoft has announced per UbiBlog that Rainbow Six: Siege has surpassed 20 million registered players, and that there are more than 2.3 million players signing on every day.

Since its release, Rainbow Six: Siege’s original roster of 20 Operators has expanded to 30, and 16 globe-spanning maps currently serve as the battlegrounds for the ongoing fight between attackers and defenders.

Rainbow Six: Siege was first released in December 2015, meaning the game is rapidly approaching its 2nd year since release.  The game saw the standard drop-off in players after an initial boom of sales at launch like most AAA titles do. However, a resurgence in players after a year of retail release has been re-invigorating the game’s community and has brought renewed attention to the title with the most recent update adding loot boxes to the mix.

In other Rainbow Six: Siege news – Operation Health is currently an ongoing initiative within the game, focused on repairing technical issues and glitches, plus promoting overall gameplay quality prioritized over the release of new content.

Since the introduction of Operation Health, Season Three is releasing soon and we will see not only the addition of new Hong Kong operators, weapons, and environments; but also additional Polish GROM operators and weapons, taken from the originally-planned Poland season.