A Better Way to StreetPass is Coming to the Nintendo 3DS

on June 13, 2013 9:30 PM

I personally think that the StreetPass feature of the Nintendo 3DS is one of the console’s highlights. Unfortunately for me – and for several other 3DS owners who don’t live in Japan – actually passing someone else who has a 3DS is a very, very rare occurrence. Since I got my console in 2011, I’ve only passed maybe five people in total, and I walk quite frequently and have even been to airports with my system. Nintendo has announced that a better way to StreetPass is coming to the Nintendo 3Ds via an update.

The update will use select public wi-fi hotspots – such as those at fast food outlets like McDonalds – as relay stations between 3DS consoles. Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata explains:

“Previously the StreetPass feature required multiple Nintendo 3DS systems in Sleep Mode to be in the same location at the same time, but in this framework, you can exchange data with others by visiting the same location even at a different time, so we can certainly expect the use rate of the StreetPass feature to grow significantly.”

So once the update is released, when you visit one of the participating hotspots, you’ll StreetPass everyone else who’s been there, even if you all aren’t there simultaneously. That sounds awesome, and I’ll finally be able to get more puzzle pieces for Mii Plaza. This update is being developed for both North America and Europe, and it will be available sometime this year.

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