A Call of Duty: Vanguard x Attack on Titan Collab Has Been Leaked

An Attack on Titan collaboration could be coming to Vanguard, if leaks are to be believed!

November 7, 2021

Call of Duty: Vanguard has been extremely well received by the community, and it looks like the praise is about to keep coming as new leaks suggest that an Attack on Titan collaboration could be on the way.

The new leak comes courtesy of data miner and Call of Duty leaker Zesty, who has a strong track record when it comes to Warzone, Black Ops Cold War, and Vanguard leaks. But regardless of track record, it’s always important to take leaks with a grain of salt as plans can always change behind the scenes before release.

Nevertheless, here’s everything we know surrounding the potential Call of Duty: Vanguard x Attack on Titan collaboration.

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What Is Attack on Titan?

For those that don’t know, Attack on Titan is a Japanese manga series that was first released in 2009 before coming to an end in April of 2021. The series was written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama and has become incredibly popular in both Japan and the US.

Attack on Titan became so popular that it also spawned an anime tv series with the same name. The second half of the final season is due to premiere in January of 2022, which could be why a Call of Duty: Vanguard collaboration is on the cards.

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Call of Duty: Vanguard x Attack on Titan Item Leaked

According to Call of Duty leaker and data miner Zesty, new game files have been discovered revealing some of the upcoming weapons that will arrive in Vanguard. The list of possible upcoming weapons includes:

  • Marksman Rifles
    • Lee Enfield
    • PTRS-41
  • Melee
    • Barong
    • Champagne Bottle
    • Latama
    • Leiomano
    • Rindingo

Following the discovery of these weapons, Zesty followed up by saying that it also looks like Vanguard will be receiving some sort of Sword melee weapon that isn’t the Katana. According to the leaker, the codename in the files is ‘aot_swords’/’s4_me_swordtitan’. Of course, many will associate ‘AOT’ with ‘Attack on Titan’.

Zesty did point out that it was just a ‘tinfoil hat’ theory, but it was then corroborated by Earthbound, another Call of Duty leaker, who stated that “this does look like an AoT collab”.

So, as mentioned previously, take this information with a grain of salt until it’s confirmed by Activision themselves, but it looks like an Attack on Titan collab could be coming to Call of Duty: Vanguard. Are you hyped?

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