A Classic Returns — System Shock: Enhanced Edition Releases Today Alongside a Launch Trailer

on September 22, 2015 5:41 PM

Night Dive Studios has brought the classic first-person shooter/RPG hybrid System Shock to PC as an enhanced port, System Shock: Enhanced Edition.

The re-release features resolutions up to 1024×768 (compared to the original 640×480), and a native 854×480 widescreen mode. You can see the differences between the versions in the screenshots below:

System Shock

System Shock (2)

Gameplay has been also streamlined with a toggleable mouselook mode that including more intuitive inventory and item management, combined with assorted bug-fixes and remappable controls.

Currently players can purchase the title at a 40% discount for all System Shock 2 owners and 20% off for everyone. The discounted offer will last until Tuesday, September 29 at 6:59 AM GMT.

A Twitch TV livestream will also be taking place tomorrow at 6:00 PM CET, 4:00 PM GMT, 9:00 AM PDT and 12:00 PM EDT with Stephen Kick (Founder and CEO of Night Dive Studios) and Paul Neurath (Creative Director at Looking Glass Studios) for an in-depth discussion on System Shock and its many influences in game design to date.

Watch the trailer below and relive the haunting classic again.

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