A Face Full of Monster Hunter Tri

A Face Full of Monster Hunter Tri


When Nintendo announces info on upcoming titles, they do it big, with a whole lot of information in such a short period of time.  The latest and greatest details on the Monster Hunter Tri release is no exception.  At their event in San Francisco today, Nintendo revealed that Monster Hunter Tri will be hitting store shelves here on April 20, 2010.  Also on that day they will launch their new Classic Controller Pro.  As if we didn’t already have enough ways to control our Wii games, Nintendo wants to make sure that we’re not lacking for anything.  Oh, but there’s more!

In addition to the game and controller being sold separately, they’ll also be bundled together in one nifty little package for $59.99.  The stand-alone game being $49.99.  I’m not sure what makes this fancy new controller so special so as to  need it and nothing else for this game, but whatever floats Nintendo’s boat.

Also announced alongside the release date and package deal was the fact that Capcom and Nintendo are offering online play for the title free of charge.  How nice of them!  You will also be able to communicate in-game via text or Wii Speak, because you’ll definitely want to bark out directions to your cohorts so they don’t wipe the raid.  Oh, wait, wrong game…

Needless to say, Monster Hunter fans (are there any in North America?) are going to want to mark their calenders for April 20, because they wouldn’t want to waste a minute of monster hunting their lives away.