A Game With Zombies in it Coming to Windows 7

Ask anybody to name one Xbox Live Indie Game and one of two names are sure to pop up in the conversation: Fortress Craft and I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES 1N IT!!!1 The latter is one of the most famous games on the otherwise usually unknown selection of indie games on the market with a reputation seldom seen in the under-advertised section.

A Game With Zombies In It (I’m not a fan of copy/pasting the title every time) will be making the move to Windows 7 devices at some point this week as part of a collection featuring Time Viking (A “side-scrolling tower-building twin-stick shooter”) and Endless Zombies (the “infinite arcade labyrinth mod”).

The collection will be in the Xbox Marketplace on Windows 7 later this week for just $2.99.

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John Colaw

John is what you might call something of a badass. When he's not writing about games or playing them, he's playing in the Kansas City band "Documentary" and drinking as many different beers as often as he can. He's a huge comic nerd in the best sense of the term, with a particular love for the Creator Owned movement.

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