A Girl Gamer? WTH?

Yes, we all know the drill. Look up! Look around! Yes there are girl gamers, they’re just hard to find. We are out there! We are a special breed. But there’s just one thing about me; I’m even more special.

See, I am a mother, a wife… a girl gamer. I grew up playing Frogger, Elevator Action, Pole Position? Who remember the likes of Dig Dug or Mr. Do? Am I showing my age yet? I can tell you I look like your average teenage girl. (I’ve been known to be mistaken for a high school student).

Us girl gamers come in all shapes, sizes, colors, races, ethnicities, heights. And we like different games. Some of us choose PC over Console. Some choose the Console over the PC. Some just choose the handhelds and the mobile games.

Me, I’m an equal opportunity gamer! Please don’t let me run down the list of the systems my family has at home; it’s quite an extensive list here at our house.

Back to the whole girl gamer issue.

Now, a few weeks ago, I stumbled upon some interested words online regarding Girl Gamers. It said something to the effect of ‘girls should just be putting on their make up, doing their hair, and painting their nails.’

I have a problem with that. While I’m sure we respect one’s opinion on the subject, I can still disagree with a passion. I think a Girl Gamer can still put her make up on, wear painted nails and put on a skirt AND still play games. I myself don’t wear make up other than lip gloss, eyeliner (sometimes), and nail polish and I still game. How a person SHOULD act or look has no effect on whether the person SHOULD or SHOULD NOT be a gamer.

We are all gamers by choice. You, me, him over there… YEAH YOU! IN THE CORNER! There are sexist, hypocritical, prejudice people out here who think on a one track mind. Fortunately for the rest of us, the World doesn’t run that way. We all think and feel for ourselves and make our own decisions.

We Girl Gamers get the grunt end of the stick because we’re girls. Because you guys think we can’t game like the rest of you. It’s really not true.

I can recally many a nights staying up till 3 or 4 am playing a few RPGs and telling myself, “you have work in the morning… go to bed.” Or those countless nights staying up and saying “one more level.. let me level up one more level…”

Look, all I’m saying is just try to have an open mind about the Girl Gamers out there. I know some people are just ‘wrong’ to think of such goofiness as such that we shouldn’t be gaming. But there are things in Life more important than BITCHING about how girls should stay home and cook, clean, wear make up, and go shopping; much more important things.

I don’t really care if i get a ton load of hate mail or hate comments on this. Again, you all have your opinions, but in my experience and with all my friends, and the guys that I know, they all value the Girl Gamers existence. So =P on you meanies out there!

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Christine Adviento

bay area, ca!!!

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