3D Platformer A Hat in Time Releases Next Year; New Gameplay Trailer Revealed

on December 17, 2016 6:06 PM

Gears for Breakfast has announced today via Kickstarter that their 3D platformer A Hat in Time will be releasing next year for PC and Mac OS. The news was shared alongside a new gameplay trailer showcasing the title’s third chapter.

Called “Last Bird Standing” and focusing on the rivalry between the Conductor (a dog with a German accent) and DJ Grooves (a penguin with an afro wearing platform shoes), the chapter takes viewers back in time to yesterday, and reminds me in particular of games I played on the original PlayStation.

According to the developer, each of A Hat in Time‘s levels are made to feel unique on their own. There’ll be five worlds in all to explore, and exploration itself is key, as hidden items help the game’s protagonist, Hat Kid, level up the umbrella she uses as a weapon for encounters with enemies and bosses.

Originally announced in May of 2013, the game was due out in February of 2014. When it launches in the coming months, it’ll include online and offline co-op multiplayer, as well as tracks from Grant Kirkhope, composer of Banjo-Kazooie.

A Hat in Time‘s aforementioned new trailer can be found below. Beware: nostalgia awaits.

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