Curve Digital's A Knight's Quest is a Zelda-Inspired Action-Adventure With a Slick, New Trailer

A Knight's Quest is a new action-adventure game that incorporates some cool elemental skills into its fighting and puzzle-solving.

Publisher Curve Digital is working with Sky 9 Games, a brand new development studio, to bring fans a neat-looking Zelda-like game. A Knight’s Quest takes obvious inspiration from the many 3D Zelda games that have come out over the years. However, it’s the game’s use of elemental abilities that have me paying attention. Give them a look in the new announce trailer below.

Outside of some awesome-looking rail grinding, the early parts of the trailer are pretty standard action-adventure fare. We see the game’s hero Rusty doling out damage with his trusty sword and blocking attacks with his shield. There’s also a bit of puzzle-solving and platforming to be done; however, that rail grind is as exciting as the early parts of the trailer gets. That quickly changes.

As the trailer progresses, Rusty begins to find his “inner knight”. He gains the ability to levitate and wall run. He can turn himself into a giant snowball and become invisible. At one point he embraces his inner Human Torch and transforms into a flaming avatar that can fly through the air. On the surface, the game isn’t that appealing. That said, these abilities could do quite a bit to build on the standard Zelda formula.

Obviously, with this being a brand new studio, I’m still in the “wait-and-see” mode. I don’t want to get myself too excited by one cool trailer and then be let down when the game releases. However, this early look at the game has impressed me quite a bit. Visually, the game isn’t much to look at, but some of these abilities seem like great additions to a classic action-adventure game.

A Knight’s Quest comes to Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One later this fall. Stay with DualShockers for all your indie news.

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