A Massive Kickstarter Update for Massive Chalice Discusses Pre-Production Design

on June 6, 2013 8:20 PM

Double Fine brings us an excellent and incredibly long pre-production design video in their latest update detailing a bunch of features the developers want to incorporate into Massive Chalice.

The video is an hour long so I’ll go through the general topics discussed: gameplay narrative, character death, Bloodline Relics, psychological effects of battle, managing permadeath, the various houses (called keeps) and children, equality between the sexes and surnames, class system and skills, replayability, unit support relationships (kinda like Fire Emblem), researching technology, benefits of open development, random and player shaped events, game length, demonic corruption (both the perks and disadvantages) and gaming influences.

The whole conversation is really fascinating–my favorite part being Brad and John Swisshelm discussing how to incorporate a more gender equal house system instead of a patriarchal one–so I would recommend that you watch the video posted below when you get a chance. You can also go here to download and listen to the mp3 version. If you’d like to support Massive Chalice‘s Kickstarter, go here to contribute.

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