A New Guilty Gear Title is Definitely Coming Before the World Ends

A New Guilty Gear Title is Definitely Coming Before the World Ends


Fans of generic, run of the mill shooters don’t have to sit around and worry if their favorite FPS will get a sequel. The fact is that games in the genre typically sell well enough to warrant a sequel, with little or no regards to if the game is actually good. This will transpire rather fans like it or not and it’s also why lots of people hate companies like Activision. Fans of more obscure titles however, like the cult-loved anime fighter Guilty Gear are another story. No matter how many years go by, it doesn’t seem like the series is coming back, regardless of how high quality a franchise most consider it.

Series creator and proclaimed rock star Daisuke Ishiwatari has promised fans another GG game, but that’s about it. No release or availability details where given. He didn’t even confirm that the game was in development, only that it would be at some point. When asked about a new GG, Daisuke’s response was short, generic and a tiny bit uplifting:

“Let’s just say that you won’t be disappointed. When that new Guilty Gear will come? I honestly don’t know – not because I can’t tell you, but because I really don’t know – but it will happen eventually!”

Get that. He literally said we could expect the game “eventually”. In essence, this is still the best news regarding a new GG game that I’ve personally ever heard and I happen to be a raging series fan. At least this means that the game is happening and that it won’t join the ranks of Japanese games that America simply didn’t get, like Onimusha or Shenmue. Let’s hope the game is truly worth the wait.

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