A New Project Gotham Racing Is Not Currently in Development

on February 25, 2014 9:51 PM

A new entry in Microsofts beloved Project Gotham Racing is currently not in the works, confirmed Microsoft Game Studios Corporate Vice President, Phil Spencer via twitter.

Responding to a fan’s question on the potential development of a new entry in the series, Spencer tweeted:

We aren’t currently working on Project Gotham Racing… I really liked the franchise, really just down to number of racing franchises.

Microsoft seems to be devoting its resources to the Forza franchise, but I would personally love to see another entry in the series. Microsoft retained the franchise rights to the series, however, a entry would be void of original series developers Bizzare Creations, which developed PGR’s spiritual successor, Dreamcast’s Metropolis Street RacerProject Gotham 1-4, and Blur after being acquired by Activision, only to be disbanded  by Activation after its release.


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