A New Trailer for Uta Yomi 575 Stars–Bob Sapp?

on September 3, 2013 12:18 AM

A new trailer for Uta Yomi 575, an iOS song maker and one of two games revealed to be the mysterious Project 575, has been revealed. It starts off being normal if not a little quirky, and then veers off the deep end with the appearance of Bob Sapp. For those who don’t know, Bob Sapp is an American kickboxer and mixed martial artist who is very well known in Japan. He’s appeared in many Japanese commercials, television programs and other media.

Once Sapp is introduced to this trailer proper, he tries to use the Uta Yomi 575 program in order to write a haiku (a poem that uses a 5-7-5 syllable construction). His poem ends up as “Bobu Sapu/Watashi wa neko ga/daisuki desu-su,” which translates to “Bob Sapp, I love cats.” The joke here is that in Japanese he added an extra “su” to the end of the word “desu” to make the line fit the haiku pattern. Luckily for him, his second haiku is better written and promotes the program nicely (more like promotes how much money he makes from these commercials but anyway…).

If you don’t believe a single word of what you just read, watch the trailer below.

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