A New Video Looks At Resident Evil: Revelations’ Traits

A New Video Looks At Resident Evil: Revelations’ Traits

A new video from Capcom dropped today explaining and demonstrating the distinguishing features of the upcoming Resident Evil: Revelations game including its focus on tension and the stress-relieving joy of Raid Mode.

According to the video, Revelations is best played when the evade mechanic is utilized because of the small nature of the ship you’ll be stuck on. Expect a lot of tight spaces crawling with creatures. However, just like Resident Evil 3 once the Evade Mode is in place any of the playable characters are able to lunge away from the creatures without any or little damage.

Revelations introduces us to the Genesis gun which lets you scavenge for lose ammo, scan enemies and eventually earn a free green herb when you reach 100% scanning total but be warned, you do slow down when the gun is drawn, so use wisely.

Then there’s Raid Mode which allows you to shoot down your enemies as quickly as possible and then get loot drops at the end. These drops usually come in the form of new guns or custom parts. They give you weapons and all kinds of unique properties like stun damage, increased fire rate or damage boosts. However, they too are random and can influence how you play online. Tinkering with weapons can be done in Raid Mode as well as in Campaign. Raid Mode also stars heavily modified campaign enemies, making them harder to kill.

In addition to this,  three new costumes compared to the DS version are available.  However, the most exciting news is the return of long-time favorite characters Rachel Foley and Hunk.

Resident Evil: Revelations—which was originally released for Nintendo 3DS—will finally be avaible on PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii U on May 21st 2013.

Check out the video below for the game’s features.