A Place for the Unwilling Gives You 21 Days to Uncover its Mysteries

A Place for the Unwilling takes the clockwork structure of Majora's Mask and puts it in a Lovecraftian adventure for players to explore.

July 9, 2019

A Place for the Unwilling was successfully Kickstarted back in 2016. Since then, developer ALPixel has been hard at work perfecting the game. APftU takes the clockwork nature of Majora’s Mask and turns it into a Lovecraftian adventure game. ALPixel will finally put the game in player’s hands this month and they’ve released a new trailer to announce the date. Check it out below.

A Place for the Unwilling puts you in the shoes of a normal citizen in a large city. You’re free to do whatever you want as you explore the town. Each of your decisions will shape the world around you. That means that certain options can be locked off depending on your choices.


ALPixel has made their own interesting choice in blurring out all the other characters until you talk to them. Every NPC starts as just a mass of black squiggles and you’ll need to interact with them to even learn what they look like. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a game do something like this before, so I’m intrigued to see how it works, especially on a second playthrough. How difficult will it be to track key characters from a previous playthrough if I don’t know their routine? There’s tons of potential here.

The game reminds me of Pathologic 2 quite a bit; a game I reviewed earlier this year. The big difference is that A Place for the Unwilling focuses only on the story. The devs say the game will have no combat or puzzles. So, if you thought Pathologic 2 seemed interesting, but couldn’t stand the difficulty of the survival mechanics, APftU might be for you.

A Place for the Unwilling is out for PC on July 25. Keep your eyes on DualShockers for all your indie games news.


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