A Plague Tale: Innocence Shows Off Crafting and Alchemy in New Gameplay Overview Trailer

A Plague Tale: Innocence Shows Off Crafting and Alchemy in New Gameplay Overview Trailer

In Asobo Studios latest trailer of A Plague: Tale Innocence, we get to witness Amicia and Hugo on the run and the frightening environment they are thrown into

It’s almost time for developers Asobo Studios to reveal their debut title A Plague Tale: Innocence as in just under two weeks on May 14, the plague-stricken quest shall begin but before all that, publisher Focus Home Interactive is upping the ante with lots of delicious tidbits to get gamers hyped.

So far we have seen a grim, uncut gameplay trailer that shows what players have in store for them regarding the swarms of rats and how to deal with them. It also highlights the importance of using light and fire because without it, you’re nothing but a rat’s lunch! This time, however, we get to see another side to the story in the gameplay overview trailer. We witness Amicia and Hugo on a terrifying journey as they are forced to abandon their home and with every turn they make, they are hounded by the relentless Inquisition or flesh-hungry rats.


With their childhood innocence now a distant memory, the siblings have to cope with a new and dangerous reality. Due to Amicia’s little brother stricken with an undisclosed illness, she must play the part of the brave big sister in keeping Hugo safe but with everything out to get them, life on the run will only add more complexities to the already dire situation.

In the trailer, we also get to see a glimpse of the alchemy system which is vital to survival – as too is crafting resources you find on your travels as these will help not only slay your foes but aid you in times of need.

If you would like a more detailed view into A Plague Tale: Innocence, you can check out our preview of the title and see why we thought that “Asobo Studios has done an exceptional job at portraying raw emotional storytelling that doesn’t hold back.”

A Plague: Tale Innocence will finally be releasing for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on May 14 but in the meanwhile, you can check out A Plague Tale: Innocence overview gameplay trailer, below: