A Portable Party? In North America? ... Cool.

By Gary Marston

November 13, 2009

Today lovely readers, Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) announced that a “adhocParty for the PSP system” will be coming to portable gamers in North America towards the end of November. This service perculiarly was launched last year in Japan, enabling all those sexy gizmo freaks to play select online multiplayer games featuring Ad Hoc mode over the internet through their PS3 systems. PSP titles wtih Ad Hoc originally had players play within close proximity of each other – WELL NOT ANYMORE. “Ad HocParty” now means that PSP and PS3 owners can play one another from anywhere they like with the PSNetwork. You could literally lose your mind thinking about how “hi tech” our current world is.

It was also stated that popular titles such as Gran Turismo for PSP and Monster Hunter Freedom Unite from Capcom will soon have access to this new social gaming service! Here’s a direct quote from SCEA in regards to this revelation:

“The PlayStation brand is synonymous with creating exciting new gameplay experiences that connect and challenge people in ways they never thought possible,” said Scott A. Steinberg, vice president, product marketing, SCEA. “AdhocParty for the PSP system creates an avenue for gamers to connect, strategize, and compete with each other – Gran Turismo is a great example of this. Polyphony Digital developed robust Ad Hoc features within the game, which are now even more accessible through adhocParty. We saw this as a tremendous opportunity to enhance the PSP system’s online gaming experience and bring the service to our North American consumers.”

This new way to play sounds very, very cool to me – however I do have doubts on it’s sucess rate with issues such as lag etc. Let’s hope and pray.

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