A Rampart Town Takeover Event Rumored For Apex Legends Season 10

Get ready for a new Town Takeover, featuring Rampart!

By Kyle Knight

August 5, 2021

Season 10 of Apex Legends is now well underway and has eager fans already looking to the future. Well, a new Apex Legends Town Takeover could be on the cards in just a little over a month, featuring the Season 6 Legend, Rampart.

This news comes courtesy of reliable Apex Legends leaker, Garret. Although Garret is a trusted source in the Apex Legends community, it’s important to take this information with a pinch of salt until it is confirmed by Respawn Entertainment themselves. But nevertheless, here are the details on a possible Rampart Town Takeover.

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Apex Legends: Emergence Battle Pass Trailer

Apex Legends: Emergence Battle Pass Trailer

What Is A Town Takeover?

A Town Takeover in Apex Legends is when a section of the map is altered and adapted to match with one of the Legends. Usually, Town Takeovers occur side by side with Collection Events or other similar events.

It has also been known for a new Stories from The Outlands episode to release alongside the Town Takeover. This is usually to give more lore and background to the events taking place in the game.

When a Town Takeover is set to occur in Apex Legends, teasers are usually found around that portion of the map to get players ready for the change.

Apex Legends Rampart Town Takeover

According to Garret, a new Collection Event is coming in Season 10 and will feature a Rampart Town Takeover. According to the game files, the teasers for the Takeover will take place on September 5th, 7th and 10th.

The actual date for the Takeover and Collection Event is unknown, but will likely take place shortly after the teasers.

Season 10’s Battle Pass is currently teasing the Rampart Takeover via a piece of artwork. In the artwork, the type right-hand side of the image features a note that says “Big Maude”. This is the name of a crashed ship that will be the central point of the Rampart Town Takeover.

Garret showed off one of the teasers that fans can expect to see around the map before the Takeover begins, check it out below.

This Town Takeover is known to belong to Rampart due to the game files including a line of text that reads “_TT_RAMPART”. The TT of course standing for Town Takeover.

It isn’t known where the Town Takeover will take place, but the teasers will reportedly arrive on World’s Edge, meaning that the Town Takeover will likely take place on this map.

Make sure to check out Garret’s YouTube video for more details.

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