A Rough October Shows Plenty of Flops

A Rough October Shows Plenty of Flops


With the massive success of Call of Duty Black Ops, it’s sometimes easy to forget that Activision is a massive company that’s been pumping out games one after the other. It looks like this might have finally caught up to them this previous October. A large number of their games underperformed with the lowest being Tony Hawk Shred which only sold 3,000 units during it’s first week.


Not to be left out, EA’s Medal of Honor moved 1 Million through the entire month, DJ Hero 2 only 59,000 in it’s first two weeks, and EA Sports MMA sold only 45,000. The best performer of the month was NBA 2k11 which moved 1.15 Million, which is about twice what last year’s iteration sold.

What these numbers mean in the long run is to be determined, as is their cause. Is this a case of people getting sick of all the sequels? Of course October was going to be a rough month anyways with Halo Reach the month before, and Black Ops the next, two of the most anticipated games of the year. That’s pretty tough to compete with for anybody. Especially a skateboarding sequel that nobody wanted.