A Short Hike Treks Its Way to Nintendo Switch Today

A Short Hike Treks Its Way to Nintendo Switch Today

The hit indie hiking title A Short Hike is making its console debut with a timed exclusive release on Nintendo Switch today.

When it comes to cozy indie games, few provide the sort of experience that you’ll find in A Short Hike, which first debuted last year on PC. As the title implies, the game simply follows a hiking bird making its way up the peak of a mountain, but along the way, you’ll encounter a variety of other villagers and townspeople with stories worth hearing. If a soothing journey through the wilderness sounds like your speed for a game right now, A Short Hike is officially making its way to consoles today with its debut on Nintendo Switch.

During Nintendo’s latest Indie World broadcast, the indie hit A Short Hike was confirmed to be coming to the Nintendo Switch, and that it will be launching today as a surprise release. Initially available on PC, Mac, and Linux last year, the Switch version marks the console debut of A Short Hike, which Nintendo noted would be a timed exclusive release, so presumably we’ll see it makes its way to other console platforms down the line.

Having played A Short Hike myself last year on PC, it’s an easy recommendation if you’re looking for a game that will put you into a relaxing, soothing mindset. Like its title, it’s a short game that will only take a few hours to complete, but it’s the type of experience that you won’t forget for a while after you finish it.

A Short Hike is available now on PC, Mac, and Linux, and will be coming to Nintendo Switch later today in the Switch eShop.