A Total War Saga: Troy Officially Unveiled by Creative Assembly and Sega

A Total War Saga: Troy Officially Unveiled by Creative Assembly and Sega

A Total War Saga: Troy from Sega and Creative Assembly will release for PC, Mac, and Linux through Steam sometime in 2020.

Following several leaks and an official tease, A Total War Saga: Troy has been officially announced by Creative Assembly and Sega. Casting these likely fictional and fantastical events in a more historical light, the game will release for PC via Steam sometime in 2020. Check out the reveal trailer for A Total War Saga: Troy, which is purely cinematic as usual and features Hector and Achillies fighting, below.

A Total War Saga: Troy is actually set earlier in history than any other Total War game, though the event it depicts may have not actually happened. Outside of the Total War: Warhammer subseries, the franchise has typically tried to steer itself away from getting too fantastical. A Total War Saga: Troy breaks that trend as it will have players garner the favor of the gods and use heroes like Achilles and Hector, though Creative Assembly is saying that it “casts these stories through a historical lens to consider what might have really happened.”

As one would expect from a Total War game, players can pick a side and either play out the events of the Trojan War like they were documented or change history by making different decisions. Even with the aforementioned unique elements of gods, monsters, and heroes, A Total War Saga: Troy still promises to have the barter economy, diplomacy, and strategic battles the series is known for.

Below, you can see the first artwork and screenshots for the game as well as a video unveiling the campaign map. In 2020, A Total War Saga: Troy will be launch for PC. Mac and Linux ports from Feral Interactive are also in the pipeline.