A Way to be Dead Trailer Reveals Haunting 4v1 Multiplayer With an Evil Doctor

A Way to be Dead Trailer Reveals Haunting 4v1 Multiplayer With an Evil Doctor

The doctor wants to see you, but it isn't for a good reason.

You may be a fan of the popular Dead by Daylight horror game that pits 4 players against 1 other that’s hunting them down, but what if you wanted something a bit more grotesque? Well, A Way to be Dead is an upcoming horror that finds 4 players on the run from another player-controlled evil doctor, however, players can also step into the shoes of a zombie if they die.

Being developed by Crania Games, creators of Beyond Extinct and Roots of Insanitythe game is said to be an asymmetrical multiplayer experience where survivors attempt to survive in a zombie-infested hospital all while another player controls Dr. Riley, who is hunting them down. Should a survivor die, they respawn as a zombie. A Way to be Dead takes place in the universe of the studio’s previous Roots of Insanity title.

Players can expect each play to change randomly with different pre-designed paths. Players also have the option to improve their characters using Therapy points which are earned by winning. There are also environmental factors that players can use to their advantage, be that making the path to their next task easier, or slowing their opponent down.

Survivors are limited to carrying 1 object at any given time, which encourages players to stick together and work as a team as opposed to wandering off and trying to go it alone. Those hosting a match can take control of various options such as how long until the lights turn off, how many zombies are populated in the level, loot ratios, how many exits there are, and more.

As you can see from the trailer above, the game seems to have Dead by Daylight vibes with a mixture of Resident Evil 7, maybe even P.T.

At current, A Way to be Dead has no specified release date but is noted to be “coming soon” and only available on PC through Steam at the moment. It’s said that the game’s minimum requirements for graphics are an Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 with 5GB of storage available.