A Wild Oorotto Appears in New Pokemon X&Y Trailer

on July 31, 2013 7:38 AM

Quick, throw a Pokéball!

Nintendo has released a new trailer for their upcoming Pokémon X & Y, and with that a new leafy-looking Pokémon seems to be joining the mix. Oorotto, a tree-like Pokémon, makes an appearance in the new Japanese trailer for the games, after previously being reported as appearing in the trailer for the upcoming new Pokémon movie, ExtremeSpeed Genesect.

However, the trailer now gives us a look at what the new Pokémon will look like in-game, as well as giving another taste of what to expect from the newest entries in the Pokémon series, such as choosing your Starter and exploring some of the new locations and towns, and “Pokemon-Amie” also being featured in the new trailer.

So, does Oorotto have any relation to Sudowoodo?

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