A Wild PS4 Pro (and PlayStation VR) Appears at Sony’s Brand New Tokyo Showroom’s Grand Opening

A Wild PS4 Pro (and PlayStation VR) Appears at Sony’s Brand New Tokyo Showroom’s Grand Opening

Today marks a quite relevant day for Sony fans in Tokyo. After the closure of the manufacturer’s main showroom at the historical Sony Building in the upscale Ginza district, the new one has been opened just a few hundreds feet away at the brand new Ginza Place, that was inaugurated this morning with a rather massive turnout of visitors.

The new showroom occupies floors four to six of the building, standing on top of Nissan’s new concept showroom (which is on floor one and two)and a fancy restaurant. The building even has a brasserie and beer hall on the underground levels, connected directly with Tokyo Subway’s popular Ginza station.

Sony’s showroom showcases pretty much the whole range of the manufacturer’s businesses, including audio, imaging, televisions and of course PlayStation.

PS4 Pro and PlayStation VR were the centerpieces of PlayStation’s exhibition, with the Pro just being on display and PlayStation VR actually playable (even if the line was rather long).

I’ve heard someone allege that Sony isn’t interested to market the Pro in Japan, in favor of the cheaper slim, but the Pro was positioned front and center for everyone to admire, the slim was tucked to one side, definitely less visible, alongside the new accessories announced at the PlayStation Meeting at the beginning of September.

Despite the fact that at times Sony seems to have forgotten about it, even the PS Vita was on display, even if certainly not with prominence.

If you don’t have a chance to visit, I took a metric ton of pictures for your visual enjoyment. And yes, I wasn’t supposed to photograph the PS4 Pro at all, but people were snapping away and Sony’s staff seemed to be content with smiling and nodding, so I certainly didn’t let a sing stop me.