Aaron Greenberg Explains Timing of Quantum Break’s Windows 10 Announcement: a “Great Opportunity”

Aaron Greenberg Explains Timing of Quantum Break’s Windows 10 Announcement: a “Great Opportunity”

The announcement of the release on Windows 10 of Quantum Break raised eyebrows especially for its timing, so close to the game’s release. During Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb’s podcast, Xbox Games Marketing Head Aaron Greenberg explained the reason, also giving more color on why Microsoft decided for a release on PC as well.

“We wanted to make this game available to as many gamers as possible. I think that’s great to be able to offer it both on the console and on the PC: Secondarily, if you’re an Xbox owner, you’re getting the Win 10 version for free. We didn’t just give the Win 10 version for free. We’re also doing shared saves. If you start playing your game on your Xbox in your living room, but some of us can’t stay in our living room all day […], you have your Win 10 PC with you, you can pick up and play where you left off, and it’ll automatically sync your saves.

I think that’s just leveraging the full ecosystem, how do we make this more accessible to more gamers, I think that’s a great opportunity for the title to be more successful. Remedy has a really deep history of bringing their titles to the PC, and being able to get that all done. We had a little bit more time with this title, so being able to deliver both is a good thing, and we’d love to hear people’s feedback.”

So why was it announced so late, just before the release of the game? Apparently Microsoft wasn’t sure that the two release could line up in the same date.

“We weren’t sure when and how we would be able to get the Windows 10 version done exactly. They lined up, so now a lot of people were like “hey, I get it, you wanna bring this to a lot more gamers to play, but why didn’t you tell about this before?” Well, we didn’t know we could do this before.”

Greenberg also mentioned that Microsoft is trying to break down the walls between gamers and between Xbox One and Windows 10.

“That is the idea, that we really are trying to bring gamers together, and are trying to break down the walls if you will. I love the fact that all my Win 10 PCs have the Xbox App, have access to the community, to my messenger. I can capture content, I can stream content from there… It really feels like an extension of Xbox Live running on my PC.”

Personally, if there is one thing I really do love of this integration between Xbox and Windows 10 is the Xbox App. Its Game DVR feature has become my favorite video capture software, and good ones that are also free are pretty rare nowadays. But I guess I’m digressing…