Aaron Greenberg: “Halo 5 Is Gonna Be Huge,” “Super-Innovative;” Teases Great Things for the Holidays

on February 21, 2015 5:45 PM

The Holidays are always a focus period for console manufacturers, and Microsoft managed to capitalize on the past season definitely well. Xbox Global Director of Games Marketing Aaron Greenberg had a lot to tease about the next Holiday season in an interview on The Inner Circle Podcast.

First of all, he talked about possible limited edition hardware:

We have a great team that does a lot of cool custom consoles, and we’d love to make them for every title, and the challenge is that our retail partners can’t take every one, we can’t manufacture twelve different versions, so we have to kind of pick our bets.

But I know some of the things we’re planning for this Holidays, and I think you’ll be pretty pleased with some of the limited edition plans, and there’s some other things that we’re still finalizing. But we have a lot of great games, and so I’m excited to see where we land. At this point, it’s February, so we’re not announcing our limited edition hardware at this point, but the teams are gonna have some good stuff, and it’s good to hear there’s an appetite for more.

Of course Halo 5: Guardians is going to be one of the center pieces of Microsoft’s Holidays, and Greenberg is quite excited about it.

Halo 5 is gonna be huge. It should be one of the biggest entertainment releases of the year if we do our job right. I think what we’ve got with Master Chief and Locke is a marketer’s dream. The game is just super-innovative. I think this is a title that 343 has dreamed of making, and they’re innovating in ways that our jaws are dropping.

So we wanna be able to step up and deliver the type of products quality and marketing to match the quality of the game. That’s a challenge on us. But we have no doubt that the product they’re making is gonna be pretty amazing.

It’s such a deep story. To me it’s like the closest thing to playing in a real movie, you know. I love campaign. I play multiplayer and I enjoy it, but I just love to get deep in the campaign and co-op you know, and Halo was kind of the birth of that, and also at the same time has innovated the multiplayer, so I’m excited with what they’re doing with Halo 5, and we’ll be revealing more soon.

Later in the interview Greenberg mentioned that most big titles are going to launch between September and December, and that at the moment the team is looking at schedules and line-ups. More will be announced closer to E3, but he explained that Microsoft might have “too many” good games for the Holidays. According to Greenberg that’s a good problem to have, but it requires a lot of internal planning. That said, he concluded, “Halo 5 is going to be the megaton, for sure.”

Personally, I’m definitely excited for Halo 5: Guardians (even if my sights are more aimed on Forza 6, but you know I’m a racing guy more than a shooter guy), It’ll definitely be interesting to see the extent of the innovation Greenberg talks about.

Is there anyone willing to bet against me on the possibility of a Halo 5 bundle? Of course my bet is that there’s going to be one. Looking at what we know about the next Holiday season, I might need to win a bet or two in order to be able to afford everything.

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