Aaron Greenberg Leads Gamers to Donate $12,500 to Bring Xbox One Units to Hospitalized Children

Aaron Greenberg Leads Gamers to Donate $12,500 to Bring Xbox One Units to Hospitalized Children

Almost exactly a month ago, we reported about a fund rising initiative spearhead by Xbox games marketing boss Aaron Greenberg on the charity crowdfunding platform Gamers Outreach, aiming to bring ten “Go Kart” mobile Xbox One units to the children of Seattle Childrens Hospital.

Xbox One Go Karts are second-generation mobile units carrying a console, a monitor and two controllers. They can be rolled to patients’ beds, allowing them to play comfortably without having to move to a common room, which is often not feasible due to their conditions or treatment. The first generation, designed by Gamers Outreach and launched a few years ago, used to carry an Xbox 360.

The campaign aimed to raise $12,500, with Greenberg himself donating two units to kickstart things.

The executive followed up with a stream of giveaway including swag, games and more to encourage gamers to donate, and the effort has been successful. In a little less than a month, the goal has been reached and overtaken.


On top of that, Infiniscene announced a couple of weeks ago that it would match donations with its own, effectively doubling the results of the campaign.

Children hospitalized for a long time find themselves away from their usual pastimes, and often unable to enjoy proper entertainment, or at least a distraction from their treatment. Gaming might not be the best medicine, but it’s certainly a good way way to keep them entertained and active during their time away from home. It’s definitely uplifting to see so many gamers coming together to help.

Incidentally, the Gamers Outreach platform has many other campaigns to bring Go Karts to several different hospitals in multiple locations of the United States, and if you know a hospital that needs one, you could even start a fundraising yourself.