Aaron Greenberg Talks about Xbox One's 2016 Line-up and Phil Spencer's "Incredible Vision for the Business"

Xbox Games Marketing Head Aaron Greenberg is close to the core of Microsoft’s gaming business, and today he talked with IGN about what we can expect from 2016, on top of giving a great insider’s view on Xbox division head Phil Spencer:

“I think with Xbox One, where we are right now, I’m really proud of what we achieved in the last couple of years in particular. The team has made an incredible product, I think we have an industry leading games line-up. I think that if we look at this next year we’re gonna have more games, more triple-A games, we’re planning on selling more games this next year that we did in 2015.

So, if you’re a gamer I think we delivered for people this past year, we’re gonna deliver for them again in 2016. If you love Gears or you’re excited for what ReCore is gonna be like, or Quantum Break, or you know… there are just so many great games coming. And I just say “stay tuned.”


“We’re gonna have a Crackdown multiplayer experience coming, and so you have just a lot of innovation happening, and I think it’ll be exciting to share more of that throughout the year, but it’s gonna be a big year for gamers, and if you’re an Xbox One owner, I think you’re gonna be happy.”

Greenberg then was asked to talk about Phil Spencer, and gave a definitely flattering view on Xbox’s boss.

“The thing I love about Phil is that there’s only one Phil. What you see on stage, if you run into him at an event… That is truly who he is. He is genuinely one of the best folks I got to work with ever in the industry. He’s really special. I think he’s got an incredible vision for the business. He’s known as the nice guy, and he’s a super-nice guy, he never curses…

I don’t think I’ve heard him curse. We made these buttons that said “ship happens…” engineering humor, you know? He wouldn’t wear one. The guy has a very high standard, which I admire.

With that said, he’s pretty tough too. He will push you hard, and is never really satisfied. I think that’s part of the desire and hunger that he has to do more, to do better. I think that’s what makes some of the best leaders in any industry: their hunger to continue to innovate and do new things.

I know he sits on the ESA board, and he works with a lot of the leaders, he works with all the CEOs of the other companies… […] He works with the Sony and Nintendo guys, and he gets along with everybody. He’s genuinely a super-great guy, but he pushes us hard on the business, and it’s not a cakewalk. He’s tough, he knows his stuff.

The other thing is that he has got a pretty good sense of humor, in fact I think that on that note, I have a shirt that I wear, that he has never seen […] that a fan made and has sent to me, and I’m going to reveal it.”

“How many people do you work for, that people love so much, that they’ve actually made a T-shirt out of him? […] I secretly wear it a lot.


We trust Phil 100%. We love Phil. He has gotten us where we are today, and I think we blindly follow him into the future. He’s one of those great leaders that when people write books about this industry or about video games… What Phil has done so far, and I think what he’ll continue to do over many years, is gonna be really really special. I’m just excited to be part of it and to work with him. And he’s a friend of mine too, so I feel fortunate that way as well.”

It’s not difficult to see why Phil Spencer is loved this much by the fans, and by those he works with. He was put at the helm of the Xbox division during a difficult transition, and he managed to steer the ship in a way that brought it to sell close to a very respectable twenty millions in about two years (at least if Electronic Arts’ estimates are correct).

It’ll be interesting to see how far he’ll manage to bring the Xbox One during this exciting generation.

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