Abandon Ship Receives Steam Early Access Release Window and New Developer Let’s Play

Abandon Ship Receives Steam Early Access Release Window and New Developer Let’s Play

Fireblade Software announces that its naval strategy game Abandon Ship will be coming to Steam Early Access a little later than expected.

It seems that captains eager to set sail in Fireblade Software’s Abandon Ship will need to wait a little longer than originally expected. The game was intended to release sometime in 2017, but a recent announcement from the development team has revealed that the wait will be a little longer.

Fireblade Software has announced that Abandon Ship will launch into Steam Early Access sometime in early 2018. If that’s a little too long for you to wait to get a taste of the high seas, then you’re in luck. Along with this announcement, the team has also provided a new Developer Let’s Play of the game. It should be noted that this is a video showing an early version of the game, so some bugs are to be expected. Regardless, Team Lead Gary Burchell believes in releasing the game into Early Access in a polished state.

“We’re committed to delivering an extremely high-quality experience, and to ensuring that even our initial release is as feature-complete and polished as possible.

Abandon Ship is a very systems-driven game, which is a fantastic fit for Early Access. We’re really looking forward to getting feedback and balancing the game with our community.”

The developer states that it was a tough decision for the studio to delay the the Early Access, but follows up with, “we’re in a really good place, I’ve spent most of my career working for publishers who only cared about hitting dates, and the whole point of me going Indie was that I can focus purely on game quality – so ultimately this ‘feels’ right.”

For more information on Abandon Ship, you can visit the game’s official website or check out its Steam page. You can watch the full 30-minute Let’s Play in the video provided below.

Recently, we received a few new gameplay trailers for Abandon Ship, in which we learned that some serious business swims in the game’s depths. We’ve also seen how the game’s weather systems operate and how to determine when it’s time to stop exploring.