Abandon Ship Shows the Dangers That Lurk Under the Sea in New Trailer

Abandon Ship Shows the Dangers That Lurk Under the Sea in New Trailer

Fireblade Software launched a new trailer for their procedurally generated strategy title Abandon Ship, coming to PC in 2017.

The trailer, which follows the weather mechanics that were introduced in the developer’s previous video, focuses on explaining the horrific Kraken. A sea monster that players will come into contact with during their adventures.

In this world their is a group called the “Cult of Haliphron”, a group of people who worship sea monsters. The cult has their own ships and many followers who don’t seem to fear death. So, coming into contact with them might require a certain approach to gain victory.

One of these sea monsters is the Kraken, which brings its tentacle limbs from under the sea to crash them down as well as directly through the player’s ship as it pleases. However, all doesn’t seem to be lost as players will gain the skills and tools necessary to defeat the monster, or at least give them time to escape.

Abandon Ship is a tactical ship adventure game which allows players to take on the open sea and whatever it throws at them. The game does feature a perma-death mechanic, but players will only lose everything if the ship’s captain dies. The world of Abandon Ship is procedurally generated. Players will take on quests and missions while attempting to save the world from a Doomsday Cult.

There are many upgradable systems on the ship including ways to upgrade crew members. Additionally, new weapons will be discovered as the player’s skills grow.

You can watch the new trailer below as well as check out some new screenshots: