Abandon Ship Gets New Gameplay Video Showing off a Variety of Combat Systems and Weather

Abandon Ship shows off its its combat depth in new gameplay video.

By Tyler Fischer

April 27, 2017

Today, developer Fireblade Software released a new gameplay video for its ship-adventure PC game: Abandon Ship. 

Described as FTL meets Sunless Sea, in the game you take command of a ship and her crew, explore a diverse, procedurally generated world, and engage in tactical combat. Here’s an overview of the game via its Steam page:

Be the Captain. Survive on the Edge in a World with Consequences.

In Abandon Ship you take command of a ship and her crew, exploring a diverse, procedurally generated world, taking on quests and dealing with random events. Frequently, you will end up engaging other ships in combat, the player having to employ their best tactics in order to out-manoeuvre and out-gun the enemy.

The game focuses on “Age of Sail” ships in a Fantasy setting, framed in an Art Style inspired by classic Naval Oil Paintings.

Ship Destruction is not the End.

Life in the world of Abandon Ship can be brutal. Death is permanent. But the game doesn’t end if your vessel is destroyed. You are the Captain, and as long as the Captain is alive, there is always hope. By escaping to a Lifeboat, or even being stranded, alone in the water, there is still a chance to survive and fight your way back to the top.

Snatch Victory from the Jaws of Defeat.

Combat is tactical and savage. Each battle is hard-fought, always on the edge of defeat. Your only chance of overcoming the odds is to employ every advantage you can and utilise all the tools at your disposal.

Reap What You Sow.

Explore a fantasy world that reacts to your actions. Quests may drastically change the environment. Make decisions that create friends or enemies that may later come back to help or hinder you.

As the new video explains, the world of Abandon Ship is one “full of conflict.” Thus, as you navigate the seas and take on your quests, you’re going to run into quite a few battles. During a battle, you can move around your crew at the start into your preferred positions. The crew of a ship is said to be class based.

In a battle, the distance between you and another ship influences your visibility, weapon range, and actions you can perform. Further it’s important to watch out for things like fires on your deck, as they can quickly spread. Certain weapons also cause Hull cracks, which makes you take on water and eventually sink if not adressed.

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During a battle you can pause the game, and issue commands to your crew, which is helpful in the more hectic moments, especially since there is often not enough crew for all the tasks at hand. Ships are said to be divided into sections, and the lower the health of any given section, the worst that section will perform. You can also ram your ship against the enemy ship for a variety of effects.

The video also talks about how weather impacts the gameplay. For example, rain puts out fire and makes fire-weapon-heavy ships not as effective. On the other hand, lightning can strike your ship causing a deck fire. There also can be tidal waves which knock the crew over and if you fail your brace test can sweep some of your crew overboard. When this happens, they will drown unless you save them.

Where you fight can also have an effect on the battle. For example, battling in one of the Arctic maps comes with its own hazards, such as icebergs. The video also addresses the game’s different weapons and different approach styles as well.

Abandon Ship is expected to release for PC sometime in 2017. Below, you can check out the new video:

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