Abandon Ship Trailer Shows How a Captain Must Weigh the Costs and Rewards of Exploration

Abandon Ship Trailer Shows How a Captain Must Weigh the Costs and Rewards of Exploration

Fireblade Software's Abandon Ship gets a new trailer detailing the trials and rewards of exploring the world's seas.

Fireblade Software’s Abandon Ship is looking to be a fun naval adventure and strategy game. In previous videos, Fireblade has described combat and Abandon Ship‘s terrifying beasts. The latest trailer released by the independent studio details the exploration aspect that this game features.

As in reality, being a captain in Abandon Ship is about weighing the costs of each and every action. As you explore a map, you will be expending supplies. However, there are valuable rewards in these areas. Additionally, you will be expected to complete a certain set number of actions before a new map becomes unlocked. You will need to manage the condition of your ship and crew with each decision.

Abandon Ship‘s art style is based on classic naval oil paintings and in that vein, Fireblade has designed its exploration style. Your ship will navigate sea routes between maps that are bordered by picture frames to really drive the style home.

The trailer provided by Fireblade also goes into detail on the Abandon Ship’s world map, providing some idea for the scale of the game. While regions are mapped in a rigid way, there is a bit of procedural generation that goes into each one as you explore it, populating islands, ports, events, and environmental modifiers to make each adventure unique.

Abandon Ship is expected to release for PC sometime in 2017. Fireblade Software says that it might eventually bring the game to Mac and Linux as well. For more information on the game, you can visit its official website or its Steam page. Below is the full exploration trailer for your viewing pleasure.